Cello Bridge

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contouring the bridge

This is where meticulous attention to detail is important.
I spend perhaps more time on this one aspect of the bridge than any other in order to
produce a finished bridge that has both a look of creativity and is very functional.

more - contouring the bridge

Getting more into shape. A little more shaping and smoothing needeed
and then shaping of the feet.

contouring completed

Contouring has been completed, along with fitting of feet
and string slots dimensioned based on scans of original bridge.

Next the bridge will be chemically treated.
bridge chemically treated

Chemical treatment is applied to a heated bridge which forces
the wood to absorb the chemicals. The treatment makes the bridge more
durable without affecting flexibility.

The next step will be to apply my logo which is placed on the bass pillar
on all my bridges. The bridge is also marked with a unique mark invisible to the eye which
allows me to identify any bridge that was made by me.


main1 ,   2 ,   3 ,   4 ,   5 ,   6 ,   7 ,   8